About Us

Like most entrepreneurial endeavors, Upstate NY Resources started because there was a problem without a solution. Simply, entrepreneurs could not easily access the wealth of resources available for them in Upstate New York. Time and time again, we heard that without the right connections, fledgling entrepreneurs with good ideas often never moved past the point of an idea and many who did, floundered a year or two into their venture.

Upstate NY Resources connects entrepreneurs to a network of targeted and vetted resource organizations that provide the tools and services to start, build, and grow businesses in the 27 counties of Upstate New York. The website features an entrepreneur toolkit,  overview of the stages of business and affiliated activities, and integrated search tool for immediate access to entrepreneur assistance. Upstate NY Resources can connect you to Upstate New York entrepreneurship experts, available to provide even more targeted help.

Upstate NY Resources is a cooperative effort between Launch NY, a non-profit venture development corporation and the University at Buffalo Innovation Hub (iHub) Accelerator – which operates under the auspices of the UB Center for Industrial Effectiveness – to provide free and easy access to the help that entrepreneurs need. Both Launch NY and the iHub are partially funded by the United States Economic Development Administration.